Common Questions About Our Kids Ministry

Is snack provided in class on Sunday?

In our nursery, a snack of cheerios is provided. In preschool to elementary classes, a snack of gold fish or pretzels is provided between services for those staying for both services.

NOTE: Please do not bring any personal snacks to class for your children. If you wish to feed them something special you may do so before or between services. Exceptions will be made for children with allergies.

What are the security procedures?

Your child’s safety is of prime importance to us! For this reason, we have security procedures in place.

  • Nursery — Parents are identified as they return the matching number they received when they checked in their child. The corresponding number is on their child’s back with any other pertinent information.

  • Preschool & Elementary — Teachers are there to ensure that children are leaving with their parent as they check them out upon leaving class.

  • NOTE: You may wish to arrive 10-15 minutes early upon your first visit to allow time to complete the check-in procedure for first time guests and to get your children settled before the start of the adult worship service.

May I observe my child / stay in class with them?

Parents are welcome to observe in any of our class rooms in which they have a child. Parents who desire to observe in their child’s class room can pick up a visitor’s badge at the KidZone check-in table. For security purposes however, visitors (people other than parents) are not allowed in the Kids’ Ministry rooms during times of operation.

Will my child need a Bible?

Your child is welcome to bring his/her Bible. However, Bibles are provided in each room to enable all children to participate.

How do I get my kids where they need to go?

Upon arriving you will see a KidZone welcome table where children are checked in. If it is your first time, a check-in assistant will be able to direct you to the appropriate class.

Are there any extracurricular activities for kids outside of Sunday school?

Over the course of a year, our grade school children are offered special one-day programs created to celebrate the way God has made them. These may include a Mother/Daughter or a Father/Son event, a Christmas Party, or a Summer Camp.

When can my child move up from Nursery to Preschool?

Nursery is for children 0-2 years of age. Once they have turned 3 and are potty trained, they may move up to Preschool.
NOTE: Exceptions may be made in special situations.