How to MAXIMIZE your giving to OCC:


Respond to God, not us

When you give to OCC, your gifts are to God whose mission OCC is carrying out.

  • God wants cheerful givers (2 Cor. 9:7b), who give to him intentionally, regularly (1 Cor. 16:2), and proportionally (Malachi 3:8-18).

  • Decide in your heart, and carry out that plan. “Each one must give as he has made up his mind…” 2 Corinthians 9:7a.



Automating your giving does a few things…

  • Saves checks, gas (running to the ATM), postage, and time.

  • Helps you follow through with what you have decided to give - by helping you not to forget.

  • Most people don’t like parting with their hard-earned money. Automated giving helps you pre-emptively win the emotional wrestling match that takes place in your heart each time you give.

  • Stabilizes the church’s budget, making the income more predictable – especially during the summer months.


Set up your automated giving through your online banking.

This really maximizes your gift because OCC pays some extra fees for receiving: Debit card, Credit card, and Text giving. On average, we only receive about 97% of gifts via cards. Setting it up through your online baking ensures we receive 100% of your gift. 

  • Give Jon McWhorter a call if you have questions about setting this up: 951-595-4680.


Other ways to MAXIMIZE your contributions:

  1. Help us PREP for the future by making a donation to our Building & Expansion fund. Check out

  2. If you shop on, add OCC as your charity of choice. Each time you shop, OCC will receive a (small) percentage. Visit and search for Orangecrest Community Church.

  3. Whatever your level of giving to God is right now, consider what becoming a generous giver might look like for you. What is your next step? Pray, read what the Bible says about this topic, and take steps to move towards extravagant generosity.