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Summer Activities

We compiled a helpful list of free or inexpensive activities you can do with your kids in Riverside County this summer! View the PDF.

Conferences and Seminars

There are many great parenting resources available. Life Shaping Resources is a great place to begin your journey as it provides helpful seminars and conferences on family life. Visit their page to purchase one of the following DVD sets or Mp3's:

  • Meaningful Relationships Mini-Conference

  • Parenting and the Kingdom of God

  • The Kingdom Family

Recommended Readings

Parenting: Is There an App for That?
With an endless stream of parenting advice at your fingertips, it can be challenging to know where to look for Biblical answers. What is essential to do now to help your child become a strong, happy, spiritually-motivated adult? Find a solid, do-able answer in this book written by Deborah Bullock, the wife of our Hope Global Network Church Leader. This book is the most recommended parenting book by leaders and staff of OCC.

Shepherding a Child's Heart
Written for parents with children of any age, this insightful book provides perspectives and procedures for shepherding your child’s heart into the paths of life and gives fresh biblical approaches to child rearing.

Visionary Parenting
The author shares foundational truth that God created the family to ensure that the next generation grows up to know, love, and serve Him. He reminds readers of the instructions from God given to parents in Deuteronomy 6:5-7 that will transform your home. The principles of this book can be seen throughout OCC's Children's Ministry program.

Children are Wet Cement
In this best-selling book, Anne Ortlund shows parents how to practice verbal affirmation, a simple yet powerful technique for raising children to be secure, loving adults. She gives specific suggestions for each stage of childhood, from infancy to the teenage years and beyond.

Raising a Modern Day Knight
The medieval custom of knighthood offers an unique approach to shaping a boy into a strong, godly man. Centuries ago, select boys went through a rigorous, years-long process of clearly defined objectives, goals, and ceremonies—with the hope of achieving knighthood.Raising a Modern-Day Knight will show how you, too, can confidently guide your son to the kind of authentic, biblical manhood that can change out world.

Email Sign-ups

One way to receive a constant stream of helpful parenting tips and advice is to sign up for Christian based parenting emails that are sent to you daily, weekly, or monthly. Whether their focus is to encourage you as a parent or give you guidance through the parenting journey, these emails can help you along as you seek to raise your children with a Biblical foundation and understanding of Christ.

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